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Passion Project's Life Under Quarantine
March 23, 2020

Life under quarantine should not be dull or stifling if one has pent up energy to strategize and think outside the box. I even believe that our team was provided the ultimate opportunity to rest our minds and our bodies to enable us to think more bolder and more ambitiously through the grace of our God.

In our first week all cooped at home, despite feeling all the uncertainties of what COVID19 has wrought upon our society, the Passion Project team went into a self-imposed hiatus. And no, we did not go into hibernation at all, in fact the hiatus or pause gave us a million more reasons or ideas as we wait for the flood gates of God to open doors and more opportunities for the company within this year. 

Thankfully, we have at our disposal a suite of communication technologies that people who lived through previous pandemics couldn’t have fathomed. We can still reach people through social media, still communicate via email and to a certain extent even use video conferencing to still connect with our team and our clientele amidst the on-going crisis.

Santie Canonizado (President)

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